2024 Catskills Wellness Retreat

Now Accepting Applications

What to expect?

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Catskills during our October wellness retreat. Surrounded by vibrant fall foliage, indulge in daily yoga and meditation sessions, nourishing vegan meals, and rejuvenating nature walks. Unplug, unwind, and reconnect with yourself in this tranquil haven nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of upstate New York.

4  Agreements Workshops

"Four Agreements" workshops will be held throughout the weekend, based on the timeless wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz's bestselling book.

We shall explore powerful principles for personal freedom and fulfillment including:

  1. Being impeccable with your word,

  2. Not taking things personally,

  3. Not making assumptions, and

  4. Always doing your best.

    Through interactive discussions, introspective exercises, and practical tools, unlock the keys to living a life of authenticity, joy, and inner peace.

Vegan Meals

Indulge in a weekend of nourishment and vitality at our wellness retreat, where we prioritize your well-being and ethical choices.

Throughout the weekend, savor five delicious vegan meals carefully crafted by our expert chef, using locally sourced, organic ingredients bursting with flavor and nutrients.

From vibrant breakfast smoothie bowls to hearty plant-based dinners, each meal is thoughtfully designed to fuel your body, support your health goals, and leave you feeling energized and satisfied.

We're committed to providing a culinary experience that aligns with your values and enhances your overall well-being, ensuring every bite nourishes both body and soul.

Wellness Galore

8 am morning mediation

8:30 Yoga

10 am Breakfast

Noon Foliage Hike with Bag Lunch

4 pm Hot Tub Time! - or Reiki

6 pm Dinner

8 pm Nidra and Reiki with Sound Bath

10 pm Bonfire